Cowboy Hats, Whips, and… Straightjackets? National Delegate Republican Coalition Townhall 9/17/12, Denton County TX

With speech ranging from fiery to coolly-composed, a great cross-section of Republicans came together Monday evening, hosted by your Republican Coalition of Denton County on—what else?—Constitution Day.

pictured: Read King, Republican Coalition of Denton County, sharing about the Texas delegation’s rapid coalition-building leadership in service of the grassroots—in the face of the RNC Tampa power-grab.

From across north Texas,  a sea of Texas cowboy hats converged upon Salerno’s in Flower Mound. Donning the same hats of white we saw televised from the floor of the halls in Tampa, National Delegates back from Convention spoke to the importance of our work of freedom in the face of rapidly-accelerating tyranny, giving vivid first-hand accounts of the surprises, rewards and challenges each faced in Tampa… or, more plainly stated,  those @#*$& rules changes, that affect us all.

Liberty GOP activists led the grassroots initiative to Preserve the Party, and spirited discussion continued on how best to achieve the healthiest, most robust GOP—and America—imaginable.

pictured: Jon Burroughs, Dallas County, giving a swift punch to the NDAA right in our lazy freedom gut—”support only those candidates who have our freedom at heart”

Among those seen milling about were at least one representative from veteran and emerging conservative and GOP contingents including Texas Eagle Forum, region-wide Tea Party, Political Gravity, Tarrant Republican Club, Latina Liberty Republicans, and many many more (tell us!).

Among all these, no one caught the dreaded cooties. That we know of, thank you Republican Coalition Matt Armstrong.

Thanks to everyone for a great evening, and so much learning from different perspectives. Here’s looking forward to minute-to-minute victories for freedom, with victories in November and much more fellowship to come!

pictured: special guest speaker Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum President, illuminating what made our Founding Fathers unique—”they contemplated human nature”

pictured: Matt Armstrong, Republican Coalition Coalition of Denton County and Political Gravity, speaking to the life-or-death importance of recruitment and fellowship, including grassroots and conservative Coalition-building locally and across the state,as well as the popularity of initiatives like Dr. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed—”Ron Paul’s views are 85% solid, 15% straightjacket… but you know what? We need more Liberty in our party”

pictured: spotted—one of those mysterious Paulers running parking-lot amuck, after covering event. If recovered, please return human and/or straightjacket c/o Republican Coalition, Denton Texas.



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